University library kicks off Kent Read, Kent Writes, read aloud program

Cassandra Beck

Kent Reads, Kent Writes’ read aloud series will start at the University Library Feb. 3.

?The series features Kent State faculty, administrators, alumni and current students reading poetry, favorite works of literature, original work and even children’s books.

?“We want students to hang out in the library,” said James Bracken, dean of University Libraries. “We want students and faculty to meet here.”

?Bracken brought the program to Kent State when he came from Ohio State University in August 2010 in the hopes that students and faculty could meet in one place.

?“The object of having this program is for students to see their professors in the library,” Bracken said. “We want students to be curious and to see people in the library making noise.”

?The first reader presenting Feb. 3 will be E. Timothy Moore, a retired associate dean for the College of Arts and Sciences and an associate professor in the department of Pan-African Studies. Moore will be reading “Jesus: The Son of Man: His Words and His Deeds as Told and Recorded by Those Who Knew Him” by Khalil Gibran.

?“I became familiar with this book as a student,” Moore said in an e-mail. “Through the years, it has been a constant source of inspiration, reflection and insight.”

?Moore said the book has significance for everyone’s understanding, regardless of one’s spiritual or religious path. Moore said he will explain the details Feb. 3.

?Kent alumni and authors Avery Caswell and Tom Batiuk will also be reading throughout the semester. Caswell will be reading from her own book, “Luck, A Collection of Facts, Fiction, Incantation and Verse.” Batiuk will be reading from his book, “Lisa’s Story: The Other Shoe.”

?Junior history major Alyssa Hodge said it’s a cool idea to have adults reading to other adults.

?“I think it’s a fun idea,” Hodge said. “It reminds me of elementary school.”

?“The sky is the limit,” Bracken said. “We want people to feel comfortable here. We want people to succeed.”

?For a full list of readers and dates, visit the university library’s website at

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