What is there to do?

Take a Saturday off and go snowboarding, skiing or tubing. Photo by MCT Campus.

January is coming near an end. Next week, the groundhog will come out of his hole and look for his shadow, but the truth is no matter the outcome, we will still have six more weeks of winter. Snow will be on the ground for the next month, but maybe, just maybe, the temperature will be higher than freezing. So you might wonder to yourself, what is there to do?

1. – Brandywine or Boston Mills

– Both about the same distance from Kent

– Vary in price depending on the activity

– For more information visit http://www.bmbw.com

2. – Every Monday, the Kent movie theater offers $5.00 movies

– In addition, you get a bag of free popcorn

– Located on Cherry St. in the University Plaza Shopping Center

3. – When it snows more, bring your sled behind Cartwright

– Anytime, Any day

4. -Whether you’re going to Panama City or going to a nearby city, you need to start planning!

– Find a hotel

– Bring your friends!

– Figure out the dates

5.– Rent cheap movies or games from Family Video

– Put together your favorite snacks

– Invite your friends over