A Call of Duty: Kent police officers are sworn into new positions-McLean (Amended)reviewed

Jackie McLean

Loud voices fill the city council room as families and communities members anxiously wait for the special award ceremony to begin.

In the midst of all the chatter, one little girl’s voice is heard above all the others. “I want daddy,” the little girl cries. Her blonde hair and bright blue eyes are hidden by an enormous blue and black Kent police hat. This hat would be an important symbol; for the night had belonged to the Kent police.

After 37 years of service, Kent Police Chief James Peach will retire on January 23. In honor of Peach, Jerry Fiala, the mayor of Kent, named January 23, 2011, James Peach Day. Peach was also given a key to the city, which Fiala joked does not really open anything.

As a result, Capt. Michelle Lee will be replacing Peach, making her the first female to hold the position. She will officially take over the duties of captain on January 24.

Lee, nicknamed the hammer, for all of her hard work and determination in the police force, started her career as a Kent police officer in September 1987. Twenty-four years later, Lee has broken stereotypes, proving to all women that anything is possible.

Peach and Lee were not the only police officers honored, five other officers were sworn into their new positions as well.

Audience members gave a standing ovation to show all of their support and appreciation for the Kent police department.