Heather Wells

Automaker General Motors is finally coming back to life after filing for bankruptcy in June of 2009.

This holiday season, the company and its employees have something to look forward to. GM has come out with their newest model, hoping that this is the car that will bring back the thousands of employees that have been laid off.

UAW Lordstown President, Jim Graham, says that their new car, the Cruze, is selling better then they ever could have hoped for.

“It’s doing extremely well,” Graham said. “We’ve sold close to 200,000 units in Europe, which is unheard of because Europeans do not like our cars.”

The cars are expected to generate 400 million dollars a year in revenue for the Northeast Ohio area.

GM employee, Andrea Watkins, is especially thankful this holiday season, not only for her job, but also for GM’s new product, the Cruze.

“It’s truly a blessing that our plant was able to get the Cruze,” Watkins said. “Just, these are really tough times in our country, so just to be able to have a job to put food on the table, especially around the holidays.”