Deminique Heiks

Anchor Intro:

A new group in Kent may bring farm fresh eggs to the city.

CLUCKent made a proposal to city council to change restrictions on raising chickens.

Demi Heiks has the story.

Story Script:

NATSOT: Sandy and her children

VO: It’s breakfast time at Sandy Sheller’s home.

VO: They’re making pancakes with only the finest ingredients.

SOT: “I love to cook for my family and when I’m in the kitchen I just want to make sure what I’m giving them is going to be good for them.”

VO: The farm fresh eggs she uses provide more nutrients than the ones sold in supermarkets.

SOT: “So we try to just keep it as pure as we can. It’s very hard to do completely, budget is always an issue. We would like to buy all organic food but we just can’t.”

VO: Citizens league for urban chickens Kent or CLUCKent has a proposal that may help with this issue.

VO: The group wants to modify a city ordinance, so all homeowners in the city of Kent can raise chickens.

Stand-up: Currently, a resident must have two acres of land in Kent before they can raise chickens. Most people, like Sandy, don’t have that much property in the city. Health Commissioner John Ferlito says with a few restrictions, allowing chickens in the city shouldn’t be a problem.

SOT John Ferlito: “If they meet health standards, it shouldn’t be a health concern.”

VO: City council moved CLUCKent’s proposal to a committee after the group spoke at the last meeting.

NATSOT: Council member sending it to committee

VO: The chance for families to raise chickens in Kent may soon be a possibility.

SOT Sandy Sheller: “It would be awesome. It seems like a no-brainer to me.”

VO: For Tv2 News, I’m Demi Heiks


I thought this story had great natural sound. I like that I followed the story about how this will affect a specific family. I think I needed to explain the situation more. I think people might wonder what other restrictions the health department wants. The city council stuff was boring, but I needed it for the story.