Students finds $100 medallion

Morgan Galloway

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation congratulates senior geology major Matthew Wayman and senior physics major Pat Toothaker for winning the scavenger hunt.

Wayman and Toothaker teamed up to participate in the scavenger hunt and found the hidden medallion on Wednesday, two days before the hunt ended.

“We knew the general area and started looking everywhere,” Wayman said.

Collin DeMeritt hid the medallion, which was actually a white poker chip with his initials carved into it, under a bench on the Hike and Bike trail behind WKSU on Summit Street.

Wayman said Tuesday’s clue really helped him and his friend narrow down the location of the medallion. The clue was: A little music to help you begin, 89.7 is where to tune in, call up and request this Dave Matthews song, for these will be near to help you along.

DeMerrit laughed as he said people were asking him if 89.7 was an address. If you haven’t figured it out yet, 89.7 is the WKSU radio station and the Dave Matthews Band song he referred to in the clue was Satellite.

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