reviewed:Driver flips car and escapes with bruised hand

Suzi Starheim

The driver of a white Infiniti was able to get out of her car on her own after crashing into a tree and flipping it on Harvey Street around noon today.

Officers said the driver escaped the accident with just a small bruise on her hand.

Officers at the scene could not release the driver’s name, but they said she was a young female who they guessed to be a Kent State student because of a parking ticket from the university that fell out of a broken window onto the street after the car flipped.


Kent fire Lt. Patrick Edwards said, “she is not severely injured or anything” but was being transported by ambulance just to be evaluated.

A resident of Harvey Street said they didn’t see the accident, but just heard the emergency vehicles.

“I just heard the trucks and thought that it might be a neighbor and came to see if in fact it was,” she said.