Roe Green Center to host grand opening

Shauna Carter

The grand opening of the $13 million Roe Green Center is Saturday, changing the face of the arts at Kent State, combining dance and theater under one roof for the first time at the university.

Cynthia Stillings, director of the School of Music and Theater, said the grand opening is a way to commemorate the new additions and upgraded facilities. Tickets cost $25, but the event is almost sold out.

Roe Green, who gave $6.5 million (the largest capital gift in Kent’s history) of the $13 million to help renovate the school, will be commemorated along with other donors at the opening with a reception at 6 p.m.

Students will give tours of the new additions and facilities. A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held in the new black box theater at 7 p.m. and a performance of “Brigadoon” at 8 p.m. will close the event. Food and drink will be provided on each floor.

Andrea Shearer, director of the School of Dance, said that it is nice to have theater and dance under one roof. Before the Roe Green Center, dancers had to practice in studios in the Gym Annex.

“We have been under construction for two and a half years, and all of this is new for theater and dance students,” Stillings said. “It is a night of celebration.”

Some of the new additions and facilities to look out for:

On the Ground Floor: the props and crafts room, the scenery construction lab, design studio, welding lab, the Performing Arts Library, computer lab, acting studios and classrooms.

First floor: the main lobby, all new dance studios, the sound studio, and the new black box theater.

Second Floor: the costume construction lab, lighting lab, acting studios, and upgraded classrooms.

Third Floor: lighting lab, acting studios and classrooms.

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