reviewed: Voters concerned about the economy

Ryan Friend

Voters concerned about the economy

Big flashing digital signs in front of both the Kent United Church of Christ and United Methodist Church said in red letters “VOTE TODAY, Please park and come in from the back.”

At 11:05 a.m. there were no voters present in a large room of six electronic voting machines and six volunteers. Claire Culleton, one of the poll workers, said that there had been approximately 40 plus voters throughout the day.

Sheryl Gardner, a retired teacher from Gallup, New Mexico, said that it was more important than ever to vote now because of the issues everyone is facing. Such issues include the economy and education.

“We’re going downhill,” Gardner said. “People are doing better for one another than leaders are doing with us.”

Gardner didn’t reveal who she voted for, but that she votes for person rather than a party. She said she receives information regarding voting from listening to radio programs such as Laura Ingraham, Glenn Beck, and local news stations.