Justice Dept. holds option for May 4 hearing in Congress

Taylor Rogers

The possibility of a congressional hearing into the May 4, 1970 shootings at Kent State became unlikely Wednesday after the Domestic Policy Subcommittee missed the deadline to organize a trial.

The option to hold a hearing now rests with the Justice Department, The Plain Dealer reported in an article Wednesday. The subcommittee spent the last month gathering witnesses and material, spurred by audio forensic expert Stuart Allen’s analysis of the May 4 recording.

U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich, who chairs the committee, told The Plain Dealer he will pass the collected information to the Justice Department and request they open an investigation.

“When information is brought in front of you that is so provocative and stunning, you can’t ignore it,” Kucinich told The Plain Dealer.

Allen’s analysis unveiled a mysterious altercation, which resulted in four gunshots from a .38-caliber revolver, 70 seconds prior to the Ohio National Guard opening fire on student protestors. Four students died and nine were wounded from the Guard’s volley.

Former student and FBI informant Terry Norman was the only known civilian to be carrying a .38 on campus that day. Norman repeatedly told investigators he never fired his gun, though witnesses say otherwise.

The subcommittee’s investigators have yet to speak with Norman, The Plain Dealer reported.

Laurel Krause, whose sister, Allison, was killed on May 4, said she still holds hope Kucinich will fight for a hearing. They need to observe Allen’s analysis, Krause said.

“I would really like to see them just examine Stuart Allen and the findings of the Kent State tape,” Krause said. “The genesis of that tape is accurate and bonafide.”

Krause is trying to motivate the public to contact Kucinich regarding the hearing. It’s the only way to proceed, she said.

“I believe that if we were to swamp his office with emails and phone calls, he would really have no choice but to move forward with the voice of the people,” Krause said.

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