Thanksgiving’s fewer thefts not an excuse to leave valuables behind

Daniel Moore

As students are giving thanks this week for everything they have, they might want to consider taking some of it home with them.

Thefts during Thanksgiving are significantly fewer than during Christmas, but Kent State University Police say it doesn’t mean students should head home without protecting their belongings.

“You never want to think it’s going to happen to you,” said Kent State Police Officer Michquel Penn. “But it happens, and I’ve seen it.”

Penn said it can be as simple as trying to save some trips out to the car.

“We’ve seen an increase in things being taken while moving out,” she said. “Somebody may leave something near the elevator, come back out and it’s gone.”

Or, she said, students can accidently leave bikes on campus. Bikes, especially when left at the stadium, are not only susceptible to thieves but harsh weather conditions. That is why she suggests, if the student cannot take the bike home, locking them inside their dorms.

As students fly or carpool home with others, their cars tend to be scattered around campus. Although the department doesn’t offer any lots designated for long term parking during the holiday, Penn advised moving the cars from the stadium lot.

Areas of concern


Park in well-lit area

Remember to lock doors

Hide any valuables


Notify landlord no one should be there and leave contact information

Lock doors and windows

Leave light on

Stop mail so it’s not piling up


Take home, if possible

Lock bike in dorm room


Take everything home

“I wouldn’t recommend that students leave them there because the stadium is pretty much clear over break,” she said.

Although there were no reported offenses of thefts, burglaries or trespasses last year during Thanksgiving, there were 14 during the winter break between semesters.

“We have requirements that we have to have a certain amount of people working on staff,” Penn said. “I think that’s one of the benefits and why our crime is so low here on [Thanksgiving] break.”

Betsy Joseph, the director of Residence Services, confirmed the residence halls would not be shut down during break and it will “be treated like a normal weekend.”

Ryan Ray, a junior applied mathematics major and a resident of Beall Hall, said he has no worries about leaving some things behind, although he’ll be sure to bring all his electronics home.

“I feel pretty safe (in Beall Hall),” he said.

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