Students have fun learning about sex

Kyle McCallum

Kent Interhall Council’s annual Sextoberfest was held in the KSC Ballroom Friday night to

promote sex education, a KIC director said.

Maralee Bradley, vice president of programming and development, organized the event. She said

the purpose was primarily to provide sex education and resources.

“I remember going last year, and I absolutely loved it” Bradley said. “I wanted to pass on my


She said KIC bought 5,000 condoms and 30 pounds of gummy bears to hand out at the festival.

Free tickets were handed out to give students a chance to win Sex Week T-shirts. Individual hall councils

organized sex-oriented game booths where students answered sex questions and competed for free

condoms and candy.

“I’m learning so many things about sex,” freshman exploratory major Jared Will said. “I learned

that it’s possible to break your penis.”

Question topics included contraception, myths, sexually transmitted diseases, fetishes and the

history and biology of sex. Some questions students were asked included, “What’s the most bought flavor

of edible underwear?” and “How long is the average penis?”

“[Sextoberfest is] really awesome,” freshman international relations major Taylor Clark said. “I

think it’s good to promote safe sex stuff.”

“There’s certainly plenty of innuendos and phallic symbols,” freshman English major Chris

Benjamin said. “Plus, you can’t beat free condoms.”

Bradley said about $15,000 was spent on Sex Week activities. Promotion was executed through

flyers, posters and a Facebook page that was eventually taken down by Facebook because of a violation,

she said. The money came through residence hall student tuition.

“People seemed to be enjoying themselves,” Bradley said. “It’s a great turnout.”