Women’s Liberation Collective hosts its biggest festival yet

Max Hayden

“Sorry I don’t know any jokes about vaginas,” Sexy Pig Divas singer Katie Mikita joked before her set.

Her statement echoed the mood of the evening as dozens of women gathered to laugh, sing and dance the night away at the Professor’s Pub last Thursday night for the third annual Women’s Fest.

Women’s Fest is a yearly concert put on by Kent State’s Women’s Liberation Collective that celebrates the influence of women through music, comedy, poetry and monologues.

Mikita and her fiancée/bandmate Nick Gregg were only one of the many acts performing which ranged from singer/songwriters to poets.

“We’ve played here before,” Mikita, a Kent State graduate, said after her set. “But we were really happy to get asked to play this event, we had an amazing response.”

The Sexy Pig Divas weren’t the only act to receive a positive response; all of the acts were met with loud cheers and relentless clapping. Even the time between acts was spent joking and laughing, with the entire audience buzzing with excitement for the evening. Each woman seemed to be amongst her best friends and the good mood was felt throughout the bar.

All types of women came to help celebrate, showing a crowd as diverse as their personalities. Some remained in the corners, quietly watching the performers, while others danced loudly at the front of the stage, decked out in full costumes ranging from fairies to renaissance apparel.

Despite the split in appearances, everyone was greeted at the door with a smile and welcomed in.

Women weren’t the only people in attendance. Several men were scattered through the crowd of women, enjoying the sights and sounds of the evening.

“I came here to see one of my friends who’s performing, but the whole event is interesting,” said Tim Clevenger, a 24-year-old Niles resident. “I’m not used to these kinds of situations, but I’m glad I came.”

Besides Clevenger, other men gathered around the bar nodding their head to the music or laughing along with their friends. None of them seemed uncomfortable being a guy at Women’s Fest. Instead they felt proud for supporting a great cause.

“We have this event every fall but this year is by far the best we’ve ever had,” Women’s Fest organizer Elizabeth Vild said.

Vild’s excitement of the evening spread as she raced around the bar hugging and thanking everyone for coming before eventually taking the stage to recite some of her favorite poetry.

The room remained active throughout its three-and-half-hour duration, proving that the influence of women remains strong and supportive. The Women’s Liberation Collective remains optimistic about its future. Each fall, the group grows and the events get larger. Helping spread their message the best they can, the group is also having fun doing it.

“We will be back next year,” Vild promised.

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