Jim Traficant , United States House of Representatives, 17th district

Name: Jim Traficant

Age: 42

Party: Running as an Independent

Qualifications: Traficant is running for the United States House of Representatives for the 17th District. This is his second run for election to the United States Congress. He previously served seventeen years in the United States House of Representatives under the Democratic party before being expelled. Congress dismissed Traficant after he was sent prison on several felony charges. In 1980, he was elected Sheriff of Mahoning County.

Traficant earned his undergraduate degree and graduate degree from the University of Pittsburgh. He also received a second graduate degrees from Youngstown University.

In 2009, he earned enough signatures to petition his way onto the ballot for the 2010 elections.

sources: http://traficantspeaks.com/