Pop culture costumes

Molly Cahill

Don’t have a costume yet? Here are 9 popular ideas.

Chilean miners

The world held its breath as we waited to find out if they would all make it out alive. Now that they’re free, their country counts them as heroes. To imitate this look for Halloween, just find a green jumpsuit, hard hat and dark sunglasses. Add a little soot on your face for dramatic effect.

Balloon boy

Was he up there or wasn’t he? A bit harder to do if you don’t have a weather balloon handy, but if you carry around a bunch of balloons and don a T-shirt exclaiming ‘I was never there,’ people will probably get the point.

imagesOil spill

A natural disaster that even now isn’t resolved. Streak an old pair of clothes and any exposed body parts with oil and you’ve got an easy imitation of an oil spill victim.

LeBron James

Now considered a traitor of the highest degree in Ohio, you can let your opinion be known. With an old Cavaliers jersey, hat pulled low and a traitor sign taped to your back, you too can let your opinion be known.

Vuvuzela dude

Probably the most annoying musical instrument known to man made famous at the 2010 World Cup. Throw on your favorite soccer jersey and run around blowing it in people’s faces all night. You too will know what it is like to be hated by the world.

NASDT (National Aeronautics and Space Demolition Team)

About a year ago, we decided the best way to find out if there was water on the moon was to blow it up. Passing yourself off as a federal agent, even on Halloween? Probably illegal. Making fake I.D.s at Kinko’s? That’s pretty illegal too. But making a fake I.D. proclaiming you’re a member of NASDT, the (totally fictional) National Aeronautics and Space Demolition Team? Maybe not so much. Pair it with typical office wear and a couple of fake sticks of dynamite for authenticity.

Underwear terrorist

If going through security at airports wasn’t already exhausting and just a bit invasive, some guy got it into his head to try blowing up a plane with exploding undies. He failed, but the joke will never die. Try dressing however you might on a typical day but over the top of it add a pair of tighty-whiteys strapped with more fake dynamite.

Christine O’Donnell

The republican senatorial candidate from Delaware is infamous for admitting she dabbled in witchcraft. To murder an already dead joke this Halloween, put on an old-fashioned witches costume and proudly display a “Vote Christine O’Donnell” sign — cardboard and sharpies are usually handy for that part.

Missionary kidnapper

The earthquake in Haiti and the following aftershocks nearly destroyed the country. In the aftermath, aid poured in from all over the world. A group of missionaries from an Idaho-based charity, however, were arrested when they tried to take a group of supposedly orphaned children to an orphanage outside of Haiti. Try hiding a few of your younger sib’s dolls on your self for Halloween and just hope nobody mistakes you for a pedophile.

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