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Ryan Friend

Democratic Candidate for Ohio Senator, Lee Fisher, talked to student political leaders about campaigning, his educational background, and state issues at Kent State University’s Student Center Thursday night.

What was intended to be a session about voter outreach and leadership, ended up being a detailed narrative of the Lt. Governor’s 27-hour campaign trail.

“We are calling it the Ohio-never-sleeps tour,” Fisher said. “College kids are the only ones to know how to pull an all-nighter.”

Fisher, 59, went to a bowling alley, farm and performed some karaoke. After visiting Shaker Heights High School Thursday, he came to Kent State. The candidate said that he couldn’t sit down because he would fall asleep but began to talk about what was at stake for Ohio voters.

“ We’ve lost 150 jobs to China and people overseas. There are so many job vacancies in the state of Ohio because people do not have the right skills,” Fisher said. “ You are being trained for jobs that do not exist yet — a high school diploma will not get you far.”

Fisher’s arrival, which was sponsored by Undergraduate Student Government, was made known two days prior to Thursday.

Kevin Papp, director of governmental affairs for the USG said given the short notice, they had a great turn out on behalf of student leaders.


“We are always happy when candidates stop in to see students,” Papp said. “We like to see as many opportunities for our students to meet candidates and discuss issues.”

Student leaders from The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, The College Democrats, and USG were present at the meeting. Also Fisher’s campaign communication director, nephew and his daughter’s friend, were there.