Top 10 Worst Waits For Food

Carrie Blazina

  1. Rosie’s Rations, Tri-Towers, 24 hours. Not to be confused with Rosie’s Diner, this convenience store has frequently long lines, probably just because it’s adjacent to the actual Rosie’s.
  1. Crustano’s Sandwiches at Prentice, and Eastway Deli for that matter, for lunch or dinner. I haven’t eaten at either of them yet, but I have had to maneuver my way around their long lines to get to the checkout at the markets.
  1. Olives, in Kent Market II, for lunch. Their pasta is delicious, but even when I try to go early they’ve still got a 25-minute line.
  1. Kent Market I, Student Center, for breakfast. If you want one of their fresh breakfasts, get there early and expect a line!
  1. Quizno’s, Student Center Hub, for lunch or dinner. Tasty, but worth the half hour wait?
  1. Nathan’s, Student Center Hub, especially for dinner. Once, while getting dinner with a friend, I made the mistake of going to Jump while she went to Nathan’s. Terrible idea– she ended up waiting almost as long as I did.
  1. Einstein’s Bros. Bagels, Student Center Hub, especially for breakfast. Get there early to beat the rush, because the lines start pretty much any time after 8 am.
  1. Rosie’s Diner, Tri-Towers, 24 hours. And it’s busy every one of those 24 hours.
  1. Jump, Student Center Hub, for lunch or dinner. Expect a 30- to 45-minute wait for their stir frys. Even if the line looks short, they make everything fresh right in front of you, which takes forever. The only reason they aren’t number one is that their food is so worth the wait, I don’t even notice how long I’m in line.
  1. Pete’s Arena Pizza, Rathskellar, for lunch or dinner. Between long lines and food preparation, I waited there almost an hour for a personal cheese pizza and an order of breadsticks once. I highly recommend their pizza, but set aside plenty of time to get it! (Unfortunately, Pete’s Arena is set to close, so I’d recommend getting that pizza soon.)

    EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s closing. Read our original story about it and the accompanying editorial.

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