Lefton discusses Kent State’s successes in the State of the University address

Jessica White

President Lester Lefton boasted 2010 as one of the most successful years in the history of Kent State during his State of the University address today — but he said we can’t stop now.

Among the 2010 accomplishments were: best year for fundraising, securing $39.9 million in private donations; best year for federally funded research, earning $26.8 million in federal grants and contracts; and this fall as the best year for enrollment, a record 41,300 students and highest-caliber freshman class ever.

Lefton said now is the time to continue building Kent State’s destiny as an excellent university.

He stressed the importance of creating a 21st-century campus — referring to the pending $210 bond proposal and a look at creating more technologically innovated libraries.

He also encouraged faculty to develop straightforward education paths in new “Kent Core” classes as well as classes to prepare students for an increasingly competitive global market.

Above all, Lefton asked students and faculty to continue a “year of yes,” adopting can-do attitudes and serving each other and the university in the best ways possible.

Tweets from the event

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