Brewhouse sees spike in sales without Robin Hood in business

Max Hayden

Brewhouse Pub on N. Water Street is benefiting from the recent closing of The Robin Hood Bar and Grille, and now standing as the only 18-and-older bar in Kent.

For years, both bars brought in both under and upperclassmen by having something different to offer. Robin Hood was close to campus and helped freshmen explore off-campus without going too far, while Brewhouse made its mark in cheap drinks and free entertainment such as karaoke. But The Robin Hood closed its doors this summer, leaving Brewhouse alone in competition.

Without a competitor, Brewhouse is able to benefit from being the only bar where freshmen and sophomores can go to hang out and mingle with the older crowd.

“It was nice having somewhere to go for a friend’s 21st birthday celebration when most of my friends and I were underage,” said Staci Moeller, senior education major. “We could all join in on the festivities there and not feel like we had to leave at a certain time.”

But it’s not just the freshmen and sophomores who make up the demographic of the bar. Brewhouse still brings in the drinking crowd, and with the semester just beginning, it’s starting to see an increase in business.

“Our usual closing time is 2 a.m., but we kept the doors open to 2:15 a.m. last night because we were so busy,” said Carrie Akers, a Brewhouse bartender and senior fashion design major. “Business has really picked up.”

Despite it being the last remaining 18-and-older bar in the area, the majority of the crowd is still older than 21 and taking advantage of the low-priced drink specials the self-proclaimed “Cheapest College Bar Ever” offers.

Now included with the daily 75-cent mug, $2.99 pitcher of Keystone and weekly $1 Long Island Iced Tea, a patron can get either a $2.50 John Daly or a $2.50 shot of Red Stag.

But drink specials aren’t the only thing Brewhouse has lined up for the spike in business. Tuesday nights will continue to be Ladies’ Night while Fridays will be themed nights, with a new theme each week.

New entertainment will also expand to J.B.’s, the music venue located directly beneath Brewhouse. Every Thursday, J.B.’s will host a dance club complete with lights and a DJ. J.B.’s will also continue to host a variety of musical shows in Kent since acts can no longer play at the Robin Hood.

In order to spread the word about the growing specials and events, Brewhouse has taken it online. It has a member page on Facebook, where it can constantly update the online community with upcoming themed nights, specials and attractions that might be scheduled.

With the bar embracing social media and welcoming in a whole new class of students, employees know they’ll have a big couple of months ahead of them.

“We know we’re going to get more business,” Akers said. “We’re not going to waste the opportunity.”

–Max Hayden