Glee Favorites

Amy Cooknick

Brooke Upholzer, freshman musical theatre major

“Glee” Character: Brittany Pierce

“If I were a character on “Glee”, I would want to be Brittany because even though she’s known more for her comedy than her singing, she’s still a great character. When she mixes up her words, it reminds me of me, and I just think she’s the funniest character on the show.”

Abby Bruder, freshman nursing major

“Glee” Character: Quinn Fabray

“I know how it sounds saying this, but I really like Quinn. I think that she has a good heart. A lot of people don’t think of her that way and see her how they want to see her, but she’s really a good person.”

Angela Snyder, sophomore marketing major

“Glee” Character: Emma Pillsbury

“I would want to be Emma because I just think she’s hilarious. She’s so sweet and funny.”

Katy Welch, sophomore interior design major

“Glee” Character: Rachel Berry

“I might be Emma Pillsbury because I am a neat freak. I would be Rachel because I like to be front and center when I’m singing. Unlike Rachel I’m not an attention hog though in every case.”

Ryan Sprowl, junior visual communication design major

“Glee” Character: Mr. Schuester

“I would probably be Mr. Schu because he’s just really cool, and if I were to do anything else right now other than my major I would probably be a choir director.”

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