College Dems and Repubs sound off on coming election

Taylor Rogers

The College Democrats and College Republicans both think their respective candidate for governor could better Ohio. Both have a set list of issues that they said students should be watching out for.

What the Republicans think

Andrew Polz, vice president of College Republicans, said he thinks John Kasich, Republican governor candidate, has a strong lead over incumbent Ted Strickland, a Democrat.

Polz said students should pay attention to the candidates’ views on higher education, tax rates and unemployment.

Kasich’s overall views on tax rates include keeping them stagnant, or in the case of income tax, phasing them out completely. Polz said he believes fulfilling these goals will allow everyone, including students, to feel less financial pressure.

“We believe tax cuts, if used in the correct manner, will usually give incentives to spur economic growth,” Polz said.

Although tax rates are a hot political topic, most students should be concerned with unemployment. Ohio lost 400,000 jobs under Strickland, Polz said, a statistic backed by the Republican Governors Association.

He thinks Kasich can turn things around by restricting tax growth on corporations and businesses, which would create more incentive for them to operate in Ohio. They could then offer more jobs to Ohio citizens.

Polz said the alternative would only fuel job loss.

“I’ve never seen a poor person give someone a job,” he said.

Despite the criticism, Polz said he remains convinced Kasich is the right choice.

What the Democrats think

Mark Miller, president of College Democrats, said he thinks Strickland’s accomplishments during his term prove he is the right choice. He urged students to watch and listen for the candidates’ opinions on job creation, clean energy and higher education.

In an effort to make college more affordable, Strickland froze public school tuition for two years during his term and capped it at 3.5 percent. Miller said students should be wary of Kasich, as he previously pushed to cut funding for higher education as well as primary and secondary education.

While Polz said Strickland’s performance caused many Ohio residents to remain jobless, Miller said he thinks the governor laid a foundation for a better economy in Ohio.

During his term, Strickland invested in clean energy through the construction of windmills and solar panels. Miller said this was a great way to create jobs, but democratic critics often wonder how more spending will improve debt.

“A lot of people are afraid of spending, but in certain times, you have to spend, and you have to invest in different industries that are up and coming,” Miller said.

Miller also said he thinks Kasich will run Ohio like a business, which could prove to be detrimental to the state’s economy.

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