The Pact by Jodie Picoult

Rachel Hagenbaugh

What would you do if you were on trial for the death of the love of your life? Not only that, but you were the only witness to what happened the moment she died. Written by Jodi Picoult and published in 1998, “The Pact” is a mystery/drama book about two teenagers in love.

The Gold and Harte families have known each other for years. The parents are best friends and the Gold’s daughter, Emily, and the Harte’s son, Chris, were destined to be together. Relationships are tested one night when Emily is fatally shot in the head. Chris suffers a minor head wound and recovers to find out he is being accused of murdering Emily.

Melanie Gold blames the Hartes and is out to avenge her daughter with the assumption that her Emily could never have committed suicide. Meanwhile, Augusta Harte tries to rekindle the friendship between her and Melanie, save her marriage and protect her son from such atrocious accusations.

Like some of Picoult’s other novels, this one is told from multiple perspectives. Picoult does a great job of transitioning characters and making the story flow. The reader finds out what is on everyone’s minds and, ultimately, what really happened the night Emily Gold died.

This book is definitely worth a read and will pull at the heartstrings of young adults and parents alike. It raises questions about the true meaning of love, how well parents really know their children and what lengths parents will go to protect and avenge them.

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