New fee coming soon

Anthony Holloway

In an effort to finance a $250 million renovation of academic buildings, a $7-per-credit-hour fee will be assessed to students starting in the 2012 academic year. The measure will increase to a maximum of $24 per credit hour by 2016. The Kent State Board of Trustees approved the fee during its Wednesday board meeting.

Even though students didn’t learn the information first-hand, students from freshman to seniors had an opinion on it.

Imina Razzaq

Freshman managerial marketing major

Hannah Russell

Freshman psychology major

Joseph Goldberg

Sophomore advertising major

Patrick Majercak

Junior advertising major

Aerriell Henry

Sophomore fashion design major

Jimmy Gombert

Sophomore aeronautical engineering major

Brandon Alexander

Senior recreations parks and tourism management major

Johannes Benninghoff

Senior justice studies major

Ian Webster

Senior middle childhood education major

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