Greed inside womanhood

Caitlin Restelli

While getting ready to go out for a night of partying, women dress themselves up in heels and short skirts knowing it will guarantee them admission into the bar or party of their choice. Women have a power over the sexes in this sense and they certainly know it.

On the other side of the genders, no matter what a man has on, sometimes the only way he can be guaranteed admission is if women surround him.

“When I go to a party, I’ll ‘toke’ girls that are my friends so I can get in,” freshman business major Jake Ruthe said. “Once we’re in, I watch out for them and will act as their boyfriend if they need help. I look out for them and they help me.”

Parties tend to offer free admission and free beer for women. Men have to either pay at the door or pay for each beer. Women get more out of a night of partying and save more money than a man does.

“If a party charges me to get in, I would not go in,” said Parker Queen, freshman criminal justice major. “I would find another one.”

Whether women realize it or not, simply being a female gets them free things.

The classic power that women use to their advantage is their tears. Letting tears trickle down their cheeks has been known to work on police officers and teachers.

“One time my friend’s little sister cried her way out of a ticket,” Ruthe said. “If I cried, the cop would say ‘tough luck man.’”

Although attempts at the crying tactic have been at times a success, sometimes it’s just not enough.

“One time I tried to cry to get a better grade,” freshman public health major Carissa Kime said. “It almost worked, but it didn’t.”

Tears and pure seduction have led women to get what they want. Men see it and women know it.

“Girls can get away with a lot more,” Kime said. “I don’t think it’s necessarily fair.”

Fair or not, facts are facts and women are greedy with their womanhood.

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