Cheap clothes found downtown

Dana Rozum

There are events popping up unexpectedly, and for many women this means facing the ever-prevalent female epidemic: We have nothing to wear.

Men would argue that this statement is clearly not accurate, judging by our overflowing closets, but for women, wearing clothing that makes them feel confident will exude confidence to others.

Not to fear though, a last minute resource is just a quick walk away.

Figleaf Boutique is a quaint store filled with a variety of clothing, shoes and accessories. The best part is that Figleaf is located on Main Street in downtown Kent, just a few minutes walk from campus.

Shoppers can create perfect last-minute outfits for an important interview or a date.

When visiting Figleaf this semester in search of these outfit options, two great looks came together: an interview and date night outfit.

Interview Outfit

The outfit shown with a gray, knit dress, black blazer, statement necklace and classic black pumps would be great to wear if called in for an impromptu interview. The look is professional, yet stylish, and all the pieces can be worn in different ways for different future occasions.

Date Night Outfit

This great date outfit consisting of sexy, studded straight leg jeans with a striped, off the shoulder top is a perfect option for a spur-of-the-moment rendezvous. The heeled leather booties dress up the outfit without making it too over the top. The jewelry is kept simple with two long necklaces layered together to give the illusion of one chunky and unique accessory.

The clothing is reasonably priced for students on a budget. These outfits each only cost around $130.

So, next time you find yourself with nothing to wear, check out Figleaf Boutique to find a great outfit, at a great price, that will make you look and feel great.

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