Sexy vs. skanky

Dana Rozum

Every weekend, from Thursday night through Saturday night, students flock the streets surrounding Main Street ready to party. A majority of these students are groups of girls ready to enjoy their night and have some fun. They put on their stilettos and miniskirts, letting their cleavage hang out, often in hopes of attracting guys.

Whatever the intentions may be for the evening, it is important to make sure your party duds don’t give the wrong impression. Although most girls want to be seen as sexy and appealing, there are ways to achieve this without causing all the guys to drop over upon your arrival.

One common mistake girls make when selecting a “sexy outfit” is revealing everything all at once. Though this may seem like the key to gaining attention, the attention may come from the wrong place. Don’t make it so easy for them, ladies. Men like a challenge, and showing off everything you have to offer may make you an “easy” target.

To avoid this, pick one of your best assets to flaunt. Maybe this is a great pair of legs that would be best shown off in a short dress or skirt. Pair them with a shirt that doesn’t reveal too much cleavage. If it is cleavage you want to flaunt, pair that plunging top with skinny jeans that still show off your great figure without the skin. Showing off the back is also an unexpected way to show some skin in a less common way, and dresses are everywhere right now with intricate or barely-there backs.

Play up your attributes and leave a little mystery so the guys are intrigued about what they aren’t getting to see. With these tips, you might just find yourself getting hit on by the kinds of guys you have been looking for all along.

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