Campus Pointe to hold meeting after massive weekend brawl

Ashley Sepanski

Campus Pointe will host a town hall meeting for residents and lease cosigners from 7:30 to 9 p.m. today in response to a massive weekend fight.

Kelly Lewton, director of community operations at Campus Pointe, said the meeting will be held in the apartment’s clubhouse media lounge to give residents an opportunity to ask questions. Members of the Portage County Sheriff’s Department are expected to attend.

The department would not comment, saying they’re still investigating the fight, which took place early Sunday morning in the Campus Pointe parking lot.

Witnesses said a crowd of about 40 people collided around 2 a.m. between buildings 1837 and 1839. People spent several minutes fighting with each other as well as attacking a single man.

If any residents are charged, Lewton said, they will be evicted from the property. The Sheriff’s Department would not confirm whether there were arrests or charges.

At least three cars received damage from the incident, including one that had its front, back and side windows broken when a group of people attacked a man inside, witnesses said.

He fled into the vehicle after being beaten by a crowd of people, but they smashed the windows to pull him out.

Paul Lascko, senior business management major, said he watched people leap onto the car, as well as cars on either side, and begin kicking and punching at windows as well as jump up and down on the metal frame.

“I saw one guy put his foot through the windshield and another put his foot through the back windshield,” Lascko said.

Two other men standing on the sides of the car then smashed out the side windows, he said.

Tyler Stankavich, a junior at the University of Akron who watched the fight from his girlfriend’s apartment window, said with the windshield shattered, the man inside the car was then pulled out between fragments of broken glass, dragged to a section of grass and beaten again by his attackers.

Witnesses said they made several calls to 911 but that officers arrived as the fight was winding down.

The Sheriff’s Department did not say whether anyone was injured or if anyone was transferred to a hospital. They also did not release if any arrests had been made.

Campus Pointe is also waiting for information about the fight from the Sheriff’s Department, Lewton said.

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