Man on the Street

DKS Editors

Abby Burton

Visual Communication Design

Like: “The activities weren’t little ‘kiddy’ things, they were interesting and more of what college kids wanted. There was always something to do. “

Dislike: “Have more for majors and colleges, like how we are all separated into different colleges and have more for each specific one so we can learn about our college. We were all kind of grouped together. Maybe each different college could put on stuff.”

Joclyn Berdine

Communication Studies

Like: “I liked meeting all the new people because I really didn’t know that many people here. So I got new numbers of people that were going to be in my classes.”

Dislike: “Some of the mandatory stuff was kind of bogus and really repetitive. Most of it I already knew. But it wasn’t that bad.”

Kasey Climes


Like: “I really liked the blast-off like the fireworks and the booths about different organizations were all really cool.”

Dislike: “I didn’t like a lot of the mandatory stuff we had to go to. It was all really boring and I didn’t really pay attention to most of it.”

Mohammad Doleh

Computer Science

Like: “The comedy show.”

Dislike: “The sports presentation because I’m really not a big sports fan.”

Mackenzie Owens


Like: “Blast-off.”

Dislike: “I think I would like it better if parents could stay overnight the first night.”