Ten ways to make quick cash

Bridget McLaughlin

It’s a fact: money is tight in college. With the outrageously priced books, parking passes and multiple trips to Starbucks, it’s a wonder students can buy food.

Here are a few simple ways students can make some quick cash:

1 ) Rent out your extra house space or take on a boarder. Just remember to interview prospects and draw up a contract.

2 ) Donate plasma. You’ll be in the company of drug addicts and the homeless, but

honestly, what two groups could be more fun?

3 ) Raid your closet. Plato’s Closet gives cash for gently used clothing and accessories.

4 ) Buy Backs and Exchange. Unload your unwanted games, gadgets and CDs at places like the Exchange, GameStop or Buy Backs.

5 ) Be an organ donor. After all, you only need one kidney.

6 ) Get paid to take surveys. Websites such as paidsurveys.net will pay you to take

surveys about various products from food to foundation to films.

7 ) Collect cans. More than 100,000 homeless individuals can’t be wrong about this!

8 ) Participate in clinical studies. Real guinea pigs don’t get paid, but you will.

9 ) Seek employment on campus. Kent State provides low intensity jobs that work around your schedule, and in some cases, basically pay you to do your homework.

10) Try your hand at “exotic dancing.” It’s one of the world’s oldest professions, therein, proving its worth through the ages.

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