Alumni battle job market upon graduation

Kristen O’Brien

Kent Alumni, one has graduated and found their dream job while another is still searching

With the condition of today’s job market, it is no wonder Kent State students are in no rush to graduate as many aren’t lucky enough to find a job in their field of study.

Jeff Skal, a 2009 alumnus from Kent State, graduated with a degree in advertising with a minor in marketing. Skal, who is currently a manager at a GameStop, is struggling to find a job that pertains to his major.

“It seems like there are not as many jobs in the advertising industry as there are in other fields,” Skal said. “All my marketing and advertising friends are struggling to get into the field.

Skal, however, is happy with where he is at this point in his life and has high hopes for moving his way up the corporate ladder. He hopes to find work at an advertising agency or earn a corporate marketing position sometime in the near future.

While some Kent alumni are having difficulties finding their dream jobs, others have done just that.

Megan Palovsky, a 2009 alumna who also graduated with a degree in advertising with a minor in marketing, was able to find a job in just one month.

When looking for a job, some students may spend countless hours circling the classified section of the newspaper. Palovsky, however, did this the nontraditional way.

She found her job on is primarily used to help those seeking work to find job openings that match their skills and location.

Palovsky landed a job with a non-profit direct response agency called TrueSense Marketing. TrueSense is a full-service direct marking and fundraising agency. Palovksy works directly with clients and oversees each job from start to finish.

Every month TrueSense sends out mail appeals, asking people for donations to charities such as the Salvation Army and the Ronald McDonald House.

“I never knew how much money was made from direct mail,” Palovsky said. “It wasn’t until I worked for TrueSense that I learned that there are millions of dollars made every year through direct mail.”

In the future, Palovsky sees herself staying with TrueSense Marketing and earning a top managers position soon.

Kelley Stillwagon, a career councilor at the Career Services Center, said that at this point the job market is very competitive, which can make it difficult to find a job.

“I think that one of the most challenging parts right now for students who are getting ready to graduate is the competition when they go to apply for jobs,” Stillwagon said. “They are competing with people who have already had five or six years of experience.”

Stillwagon offered her advice when it comes to preparing for future occupations.

“Our employers right now want to see a resume full of experience,” Stillwagon said. “It is important to make sure you have a solid resume with at least two or three internships.”

Stillwagon also expressed how important it is to utilize career services. The Career Services Center can help students create the perfect cover letter and resume that is vital to finding a job straight out of college.

“I think I was very aggressive in my job search and enthusiastic during my interview,” Palovsky said. “I did research on the company and their clients and provided specific examples (in my resume) of why I’d love to work for those clients.”

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