University acquires new TV production equipment

Kyle Reynolds

Kent State’s TeleProductions Department has purchased some new equipment that will set them apart from every school in the state.

In April, the university acquired a high-definition uplink and production satellite truck that will allow students to broadcast events live from campus and handle complex television production including video, audio and effects editing for broadcasts.

This technology is a unique resource to the university because only one other school in the state, Ohio University, has a satellite truck. Kent State, however, is the only school to have a HD capable one, said John Butte, director of TeleProductions.

The university’s commitment to embracing the newest technologies is how the university plans to prepare students to be ready for their careers, Butte said.

“One of the key reasons for having this satellite truck is because the university continues to invest in the latest technology, so that students have the most complete experience they can in the college environment for professional work,” Butte said.

Shortly after acquiring the truck, it received a lot of use from students, especially on May 4, said Dan Tonelli, engineering and operations manager.

“We provided uplinks for stations all around the country,” Tonelli said. “Some of the TV2 reporters actually got to do live reports for places like Seattle, Columbus and Cincinnati.”

The truck has also been used to broadcast commencement and the Kent State Students Transform Fashion Show.

The truck will also be utilized at all home football games this year to provide the instant replay video for officials.

“We will have a four camera shoot at every football game, where we will be recording all four cameras independently from the vehicle,” Butte said. “So if the officials need to look at a close call they will have four different views of the play.”

In October, the truck will be utilized for an on-campus U.S Senate debate between Republican Rob Portman and Democrat Lee Fisher. Butte said students will handle the production process with the truck’s equipment and the truck will be used to uplink the debate to all NBC affiliates across the state.

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