Students fill M.A.C. for Drake

Jessica White & Antonio L. Stephenson

Kent State students filled the M.A.C. Center last night as Drake brought his Away From Home Campus Consciousness Tour the Kent State.

“I’m so excited,” said first year public relations major Courtney White before the concert. “He’s one of the biggest hip hop artist of today, and I’ve like him since he was Wheelchair Jimmy in ‘Degrassi.’”

Last night’s showcase also featured hip-hop artist K-OS and pop rockers Francis and the Lights. The gymnasium was almost packed to capacity as Drake rocked the house, performing almost every song he’s ever released, as well as songs he’s featured in, such as “Say Something” by Timbaland.

He even invited Cash Money records founder Birdman to perform the hit song “Money to Blow.”

“I think he’s a fabulous artist,” said Cara Parker, senior electronic media production major. “People can relate to his music, so I think he’ll be around a long time”.

From the bleachers up top to the gym floor, which was completely filled, Kent State students went wild as Drake greeted them, even inviting a lucky fan to the stage to share a romantic dance.

“The show was amazing,” said student Aaron Cephus. “The energy he brought and the way he interacted with the crowd solidified him as a memorable Kent State feature.”

Graduate student Takisha Reeves said she loved the concert.

“I can’t wait to see how his album turns out,” she said.

Drake’s first store release album “Thank Me Later” is set to release June 15.

Meanwhile, he’s going green with the tour.

Reverb is a non-profit organization that teams with musicians to “green” their tours and educate their fans.

For Drake’s tour, Reverb uses bio-diesel fuel for the tour buses and trucks, sets up recycling cans at the site and provides biodegradable catering products such as plates and cups for the backstage crew.

Reverb also set up an “Eco-Village” for fans to explore before the concert.

The Eco-Village included booths representing Green For All, which promotes jobs in green businesses; the Hip-Hop Caucus, which encourages youth in urban areas to be active in elections and service projects; and Silk, a soy milk company that uses wind energy for manufacturing.

Anvil and Studio 3 sold organic cotton and recycled polyester Drake T-shirts at one of the booths.

Net Impact, a Kent State student organization that promotes eco-friendly businesses, also had a space to participate and educate fans in the Eco-Village.

Elliott May, manager of the Campus Consciousness Tour, said he loves to meet and educate fans before the concerts.

“The key is to make it easy and fun,” he said. “Greening the tours are pretty complicated — but it doesn’t have to be complicated for students. Simple baby steps can add up.”

May said students can visit to learn what they can do to help the environment.

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