Pride! re-elects current president

Mariana Silva

PRIDE!Kent members re-elected Max Harrington as president during the organization’s elections in the Governance Chambers yesterday.

“In order to get PRIDE! back to what it was two years ago, we need to have solid programs,” Harrington said.

PRIDE!Kent will keep investing on building relationships with other organizations for next year to bring awareness to the issues affecting members of the LGBT community, he said.

PRIDE!Kent members also voted for vice president, allies chair and programming director.

All candidates spoke about their ideas for two minutes each and answered questions members had about their proposals for next semester.

Members discussed the proposed ideas and the individuals running for the board before making their decision. Applicants and nominees waited outside the room to provide members an open space for discussion.

Harrington and Brandon Miketa, although not nominated by the board of PRIDE!Kent, were voted respectively as president and vice president by the members.

Miketa said he wants to invest on new partnerships for next semester, which include inviting LGBT groups for other university to attend to their meetings.

He is also planning to invest on leadership training for the board members. The university now provides a $2,000 fund available for student organizations on campus to attend leadership conferences.

“I would like to see PRIDE!Kent incorporating more allies for next year,” said Cristina Mazzone, elected allies chair.

Mazzone said she wants to work with fraternities and sororities to show PRIDE!Kent is for everyone and bring more attention to the group.

“This is your organization,” said Martonyo Caddiel, elected programing director, to members. “Tell me what to do with it.”

Caddiel said for next year he wants to offer members more events and activities and increase the communication between board and members.

Harrington will appoint the secretary and treasurer positions, which received no applications, in the fall.

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