BSR Morning Update for Thursday, April 30, 2010

Stephen Webster

From the Franklin Hall newsroom on Friday, April 30, I’m Steven Webster, and here’s what’s happening.

Last night, Flash Fest rocked the Kent State campus. Gym Class Heroes, 3OH!3, Cobra Starship, and I Fight Dragons played to a packed Manchester Field. Footage from the concert will air on MTVu.

Coast Guard officials are investigating reports that the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has reach land. The oil is threatening fisheries and wildlife preserves in the fragile golf coast ecosystem. An adviser to President Obama said that the administration would not allow any new offshore drilling until the disaster has been investigated.

The Kent State men’s gold team starts the MAC Championship Tournament today. The golf team is the defending MAC champions.

Today will be mostly sunny, with a high near 81 and a low tonight around 61. This weekend, showers and thunderstorms are likely after Saturday afternoon.

Tomorrow on Black Squirrel Radio, the Know Nothings and Kahley Cleveland will be on Rubber City Rockhouse at noon

For more news, entertainment, and weather updates, check out the news page on Black Squirrel Radio .com. For Black Squirrel Radio News, I’m Steven Webster, and that’s your news in a nutshell.