Frozen in time

Sarah Spaulding

Students have been looking for the elusive time capsule that was said to be buried somewhere on campus back in the 1960s, but even those who worked on the project aren’t sure that it was ever buried. So in commemoration of the Centennial Celebration, a committee of students and staff are putting together a time capsule of their own.

Pamela Jones, academic program and student development coordinator, has been collecting messages from students all week to put in the time capsule.

“Students are talking about what they’ve accomplished at this point in their lives, hoping that maybe they’ll inspire another student,” she said. “One student wrote about being a single mom; that because you are a single mom and young you can still achieve your goals. So, that’s the reason I think it’s important.”

Some international students have even participated.

Mari Dakeda, junior English literature major, wrote a message in Chinese explaining how much she has enjoyed being at Kent State.

“We will leave here in three weeks so we can save it forever,” she said.

Other students wrote about what they would like future students to partake in and what they want the world to look like 50 years from now.

Tucker Voncarlowitz, sophomore moderate to intensive special education major, said he hopes people will take the time to stop and talk to each other.

“I see people whip out their phone and pretend that they’re talking so they don’t have to say hi…” Voncarlowitz said. “So, if we could do that 50 years from now, that’s the world I want to live in.”

Students still have time to submit their message. A miniature replica of the time capsule is sitting on the second floor of the student center with plenty of paper for students to speak their peace.

Jones is also accepting items such as music, technological devices or anything that would give students in 2060 a good sense of what it was like in 2010.

Nicholas Michel, junior managerial marketing major, in true college form, plans on including a packet of Ramen Noodles.

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