Sociology professor to speak about May 4

Kathryn McGonagle

Jerry M. Lewis, a sociology professor at Kent State for 30 years, witnessed the May 4 shooting and will speak about his moving experience this evening at 7 p.m. in room 107 of Merrill Hall.

“Because Dr. Lewis was actually there, this isn’t a secondary account, this is a primary source that we can hear,” said Liz Murray, vice president of Sociological Collective. “Not only was he there, he’s been studying it since then and has so much to offer.”

Murray said because he was actually there, his first-hand memories, feelings and even photos provide a more powerfully emotional experience than merely hearing an account of what happened from people who weren’t even there.

Being from the sociology department, Lewis has a unique view that can enlighten and inspire both students and faculty alike, sociology lecturer Stephen Keto said.

“Dr. Lewis wasn’t the student and he wasn’t the guard, but he’s always been a sociologist,” Keto said.

If the weather allows, Lewis will take attendees on a tour of the site as he describes what he did and how he felt in the moments before and after the shooting.

— Kathryn McGonagle