Crafts for the uncreative mind

Mark Wayner

Even those who don’t consider themselves crafty can display their creative side with at-home craft kits and projects.

Here are a few simple do-it-yourself projects that will help occupy your free time if you’re seeking creative construction.


Materials needed: Only a few small pieces of wood, a hammer and wood glue

Estimated price: $3. Kits are available at Pat Catan’s or any home-improvement store


1. Nail each roof piece to the front of the birdcage, leaving a one-inch space above the entrance.

2. Hammer in the two sides of the birdcage to the front piece. (The wood with a cut-out hole)

3. Insert the back piece into the roof with wood glue.

4. Glue the bottom piece to the front and back wood planks, making the birdhouse level.

Guitar Stand

Materials needed: Two pieces of wood, a hinge, three pieces of felt and a screwdriver

Estimated price: Kits are available for $15-20 at Guitar Center


1. Screw in the hinge to both pieces of wood, conjoining the back leg and front legs.

2. Screw in each base part to the appropriate front leg.

3. Attach pieces of felt three inches above each leg and directly above where the two front legs meet.

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