BSR afternoon update for March 19, 2010

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From the Franklin Hall News Room for Friday, March 19, I’m Alyssa Newman and here’s what’s happening.

Judges from Rock the Runway announced Sarah Ineson as the first place winner last night. Ineson now has the opportunity to show her design at Cleveland’s Fashion Week. Her intricate hand embroidery won the judges over, they said.

A former campaigner for Barack Obama shows her artistic side. BSR’s Emily Inverso has more information.

Thanks, Alyssa.

Artist Alexa Meade’s latest project may have passers-by wondering just what they’re looking at. For optical illusion, Meade began painting people and objects to make them appear two-dimensional. These walking, talking pieces of art confuse how the eye processes objects in space, CNN reports.

“What one experiences cannot always be interpreted at face value,” Meade said to CNN. “Seeing is not necessarily believing.”

Between plastic surgery and psychic ventures, one reality star is in the spotlight once again. For more on this story, we go back to BSR’s Alyssa Newman.

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Heidi Montag fires her psychic business manager, Aiden Chase, after only one week. She told People magazine that Chase’s recent behavior on the sets of “Just Go With It” and “The Hills,” made her question her decision. Montag’s “intuitive healer” replaced her husband, Spencer Pratt, after being her manager for five years.

And now for a look at the weather, here’s Emily Inverso.

The low for this evening will be 43 degrees. While partly cloudy, there is only a 10 percent chance of precipitation.

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The Cleveland Orchestra performs tonight in the Cartwright auditorium beginning at 8 p.m. Tickets are $5 for students.

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