BSR afternoon update l Thurs. March 4, 2010

From the Franklin Hall Newsroom, it’s Thursday, March 4th, I am Betz Rund and here’s what’s happening.

Ohio State University students will soon join forces with thousands of students and professors from California to protest education-funding cuts.

According to CNN, state funding for the California university system has dropped by nearly $1 billion dollars between 2008 and 2010.

The universities and colleges have responded by canceling classes and increasing student fees. Higher education fees in the state have increased 182 percent since 2002, making it even harder for students to pay tuition in the bankrupt state.

A blog called Student Activism has stated in a Twitter message that 122 events are planned in cities from coast to coast in response to the funding cuts.

On the other side of the world…

A cruise ship just north of Barcelona, Spain was hit by a freak wave in the Mediterranean Sea Wednesday.

The 26-foot wave flooded many of the 732 staterooms, broke windows in the ships restaurant and broke the windshields in the ships forward section. Six people were injured and two died.

The 680 foot long Louis Cruise Lines’ ship was headed to Genoa, Italy when the wave hit.

Spring is slowly making an entrance in Ohio, the sun is shinning and the grass is even starting to emerge from the snow. It’s currently 37 degrees with a low tonight of 24

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From the Franklin Hall Newsroom, I am Betz Rund and that was your news in a nutshell.