Kent State: Biggest Loser

Kelley Stoklosa

Laura Payne has been working out and eating healthier for the last six weeks as part of Biggest Loser Kent Edition.

Weight (as of March 12): 187 lbs

Goal weight: 160 lbs

Workout: Payne said she found it difficult to work out as much as she wanted to because of her busy schedule. Payne said she enjoys exercising in classes rather than alone on a piece of equipment. Because of this, Payne is trying new Group X classes at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center. She is still confident she will reach her goals and is happy with the progress she has made.

Diet: In the last installment, Payne and her nutritionist decided to reduce her caloric intake from 1,800 calories to 1,700 calories a day. Her diet focuses on lean protein and high fiber foods. Payne has found that 1,700 calories is more than enough to keep her full most days. If you focus on eating quality food, it is easier to be satisfied on fewer calories, Payne has learned. Payne’s weight has plateaued at about 187 lbs in the last two weeks, which she says is most likely because her body has adapted to her work out and eating plan.

— Kelley Stoklosa