Cheers and jeers | Feb. 17

DKS Editors

Hump Day

Cheers and Jeers


• Cheers to the Olympics, which begin this Friday in Vancouver, Canada. We always enjoy seeing the world come together for a few weeks of friendly competition.

• Cheers to Jim Rinier, professor emeritus of geography, for creating a scholarship fund for geography, conservation or early childhood education that will be donated after his death. We’re glad to see professors who are so dedicated to students.

• Cheers to former Kent State football player Usama Young, who won the Super Bowl on Sunday as a member of the New Orleans Saints. It’s good to see professional athletes representing Kent State so well on the highest stage.


• Jeers to the slow removal of snow in Kent over the weekend. Roads were still covered with snow long after the flakes had stopped falling, and that’s unacceptable.

• Jeers to Sen. John McCain for saying he was “disappointed” in testimony about a possible repeal of “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” We expect a lot more from our top leaders than that.

• Jeers to American Airlines for now charging passengers $8 for a blanket during flights. The ever-growing additional costs are making it difficult for Americans to afford flying.