Celebrate being single this year with these tips

Kelley Stoklosa

When asked how he feels about Valentine’s Day, Caleb Myatt said it doesn’t faze him.

“It’s just another day; I’m not really bothered by it,” the freshman integrated social sciences major said.

Valentine’s Day is fast-approaching, but for some, love is not in the air. Whether you are dreading Feb. 14 or it is just another day, there are ways for everyone to get in on Valentine’s Day.

Below is a list of ways to survive Valentine’s Day and maybe even have fun.

Spend time with (other) loved ones

There’s never a bad time to tell your loved ones that you care about them. Take your little brother to the movies, buy your mom some flowers or take your roommate to lunch. Doing something nice for someone else will make you feel good. By spending time with the people you care about, this day might turn out a lot better than you thought.

“I will be hanging out with my brother, because he is single too,” said Lindsey Greene, senior business management major.

While at it, why not take care of yourself too? Heavenly Cupcakes and Kent Floral have teamed up for a sweet offer. Now through Feb. 14, if you purchase six or more roses from Kent Floral on South Water Street you get one free cupcake from Heavenly Cupcakes in University Plaza, or buy six cupcakes and get a free rose.

Buy cupcakes for six of your friends and get a free rose for yourself, or maybe, buy half a dozen roses for your mom and get a cupcake for yourself.

Pamper yourself

Let’s face it, you’re pretty great. Treat yourself to a day of pampering. Get a few friends together and do each other’s nails and make a homemade facemask. There are a lot of recipes online.

Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

Celebrate your freedom in a hearts- and glitter-free space.

Here are some guidelines for your party:

•Invite single people only. No couples allowed.

•Wear your hottest black outfit.

•Make heart-shaped cookies with black frosting.

•Create a playlist of anti-Valentine’s Day songs. Some suggestions: Love Hurts by Nazareth, Single Ladies by Beyonce, You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette, Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, Starstruck by 3OH!3.

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