How fashion can affect your hairstyle

Kelley Stoklosa

“I’m an easy going person and my hair is easy going. I don’t follow hair trends too often. Since it’s long it acts like an accessory.”

— Alli Hess, junior fashion merchandising

“My hair has both positive and negative connotations to it. People ask me ridiculous things about drugs and older people look at me like a dirty hippie. The positive connotation is that I sort of bend my gender. White people aren’t supposed to have dreds, so some people see me as more open.”

— Beth Vild, senior English major

“I’ve had long hair for six or seven years. I play music in a heavy metal band. My mom likes my hair. The wife doesn’t anymore. She wants me to cut it, but I wont.”

— Chris Lorinchack, Dining Services employee

“ I have long hair because I like it. I went to a Catholic high school and they told me long hair was evil.”

— Joe Malovasic, freshman computer science major.

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