Dodging for a cause

Kelly Maile

A dodgeball tournament for Haiti, hosted by the College of Business Administration, will bring students and faculty at Kent State together at 5:30 p.m. March 4 at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center.

“We need 2,000 students to participate to reach our goal of $10,000,” said Michael Matousek, president of the Financial Management Association. “As long as people are aware, and they don’t forget the message behind the tournament, I want them to come to the event and have a good time.”

The teams, which will be divided by major, will be able to have an unlimited number of people.

“I don’t want to put a limit on the number of kids you can have on a team because it will get students to collaborate, and it also brings in more money for Haiti,” Matousek said. “It is going to be really fun because the teams are by majors, and it will help students in the same major get to know each other.”

In addition to registering for the tournament, participants can bring supplies that will benefit the people in Haiti, including masks and bottles of water.

“The scale of this event is going to be huge,” Matousek said. “I got the right people on board who are excited because they see the magnitude that this event can have and how it will benefit the people in Haiti.”

Matousek said anyone who wants to register for the tournament can go to up until the day of the tournament. The cost is $5 per person and all proceeds will go to the people in Haiti through UNICEF.

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