Hump Day Cheers and Jeers

DKS Editors

Hump Day Cheers and Jeers

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• Cheers to the GI Bill for the opportunities it presents to veterans of the Iraq war. These men and women give our country so much, and it’s nice to see them rewarded with free tuition.

• Cheers to the Association of Global Communities, a new organization aimed at getting students from different cultures to interact with each other, among other things. Kent State is made up of students from many different backgrounds and cultures, and diversity should always be promoted.

• Cheers to men’s basketball player Rodriquez Sherman for his game-winning dunk and subsequent free throw, which beat Western Michigan with 2.4 seconds left in Saturday’s game. Sherman’s dunk was deservedly ranked No. 5 on SportsCenter’s top 10 plays of the week.


• Jeers to CBS for allowing a pro-life commercial starring Tim Tebow to air during the Super Bowl but blocking commercials with other social issues. The network shouldn’t decide which social issues are pertinent for public view on Super Bowl Sunday.

• Jeers to Toyota for the safety hazards that caused 2.3 million company vehicles to be recalled in late January. We’re glad to see the unsafe cars off the road, but it’d be nicer if the recall wasn’t necessary in the first place.

• Jeers to the 10 Americans arrested for allegedly attempting to kidnap children from Haiti and bring them to America. Even if kidnap wasn’t their intent, the Americans should have used better judgment and obtained permission to bring the children to America.