CEO Clarke Price to speak about contemporary accountants

Kelly Maile

For students looking to learn more about being an accountant today, Clarke Price, the president and CEO of The Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants for over 30 years, will be at the Business Administration building today at 5 p.m. in room 115.

“I’ll be talking about the major issues that are occurring in the certified public accounting profession right now,” Price said. “Touching on everything from financial services’ regulatory reforms being debated in the Congress, to trends that are developing in the profession in terms of the services CPAs provide and what’s happening in managing across the generations.”

Lauren Lampley, student ambassador for the Ohio Society of CPAs, said she thinks Price is worth going to listen to and that students would benefit from going.

“I have heard one of Mr. Price’s ‘current issues’ speeches before and it was extremely informative,” she said. “I feel that it is important for the accounting students at Kent to understand what the OSCPA does and especially what Mr. Price does on a daily basis on behalf of Ohio’s CPAs.”

Price, who spends time looking at the changes in accounting, says the future for CPAs looks new, exciting and embraces change.

“Some recent changes I have noticed, and I will be talking about on Thursday, is technology’s changing influence, the changing cycle of demand for CPAs, and how the CPA profession is being brought into the spotlight in Washington,” he said. “We are always working to create new images for CPAs and the CPA profession.”

Price said he suggests two things to students who are going into the profession, though.

“Focus on your grades but also read, talk and listen so you have an awareness of what’s going on in the profession,” Price said. “And prepare yourself for an enjoyable, challenging career with lots of opportunities for your future.”

—Kelly Maile