BSR morning update | Fri. Feb. 19, 2010

Steven Webster

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PARTA received a twenty million dollar federal grant Wednesday to build a new transportation center in downtown Kent. The plan calls for the Kent Central Gateway to be built an Erie and Depeyster streets. The block currently holds Firestone Tire, EuroGyro, and several fraternity houses.


In national news, a disgruntled computer engineer crashed his small aircraft into an IRS building in Austin, Texas Thursday morning. The pilot, identified as Andrew Joseph Stack the Third, left behind a note railing against big business, the government, and the tax system. Officials are saying the crash is an isolated incident, with no ties to terrorism.


Last night in Vancouver, American Evan Lysacek became only the second American man to win a gold medal in figure skating. Lysacek is the first American since Brian Boitano in 1988 to win the gold. The United States leads the medal count with eighteen medals, six of them gold.


And now a look at your weather. Expect a high of 34 today with a 40% chance of snow. Tonight we may see flurries with a low of 22 degrees p> This Thursday, Ashley Brooke Toussant will be appearing on Pregaming with Brittany and Whitney. The show runs every Thursday from eight to ten pm.