Style Eye on Kent | Feb. 4, 2010

Remah Doleh

As I continue my journey in New York, I can’t help but stop and look at the graffiti. It’s everywhere: the subway stations, buildings, and in some cases, on roofs. Graffiti is inspirational; It mixes art with self-expression, which substantially influences streetwear fashion. Designers such as Takashi Murakami and Stephen Sprouse are prime examples of the impact graffiti has made in fashion. Louis Vuitton had a limited-edition Sprouse collection in which colorful graffiti covered the LV monogram. It’s truly remarkable how graffiti is taken from a side of a building and is reflected onto a designer’s collection.

Sure, graffiti is controversial and illegal, but it’s inevitable. Graffiti adds color to our black and white world.

There is a very thin line between style and graffiti. Both induce emotions, both have a strong influence in our society and both are inescapable and creative, one of a kind. But most importantly, they both represent who we are as individuals.

Ziad Assad, from Brooklyn, is a stylish graffiti artist well known in his area. I was eager to learn more about the man with the spray can.

What does Style mean to you?

Style is you; it’s who you are and that’s very important, you know? It’s about being comfortable in the clothes you wear.

Do you believe New York is the most stylish place?

Of course. I’m from Brooklyn, I have to represent! The style from the streets are like no other city.

Does graffiti influence your style?

Definitely. I like to be comfortable while tagging but at the same time looking good.

Explain what you are wearing.

My style is crazy. I like wearing and mixing different clothes. I’m wearing blue jeans with my white sneakers. It’s matched with my white Obey tee and my faux leather jacket. I’m also wearing my New York beanie with my orange goggles. Oh, and my mouth mask.

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