Valentine’s Day dates: the good, bad and ugly

Lauren Vogel

Daniel D’Eustachio, junior integrated social studies

Rachel Deley, Kent State graduate in interior design


“Last year on Valentine’s Day, my lovely girlfriend Rachel and I decided we wanted to do something cute. We planned to make a baked ziti dinner and dress up for dinner in the dorms. We had also agreed to exchange cards and small gifts. I went out and bought a cell phone. She would always complain it was hard to get in touch with me since I didn’t have one. I hid it from her for two days. After dinner on Valentine’s Day I gave her a card that sang “My Girl” and wrote, “call this number” at the bottom.”


“So I called it and it was him. We had a really great dinner and bought all kinds of sweet ingredients and made a really nice meal. We set a table and place settings in the dorm room. We had the best romantic dinner you can really do in a dorm room.”

Brian Florek, sophomore health and physical education

Shannon McIsaac, junior health and physical education


“My girlfriend Shannon calls me up one night and said she wanted to make a nice dinner for us. I headed to her place around 7 p.m. that night, excited to eat a nice dinner. I get there about five minutes early, and the whole apartment is filled with smoke. The chicken she made was completely black. I just started fanning the fire alarm with towels and pillows.”


“Then as I was making the potatoes to go with the dinner and the water overflowed and started a fire. We still ate it too, just scraped off the outside.”

Olivia Schroll, junior visual communication design

“Freshman year of college I had a boyfriend for a while before Valentine’s Day. We decided to stay in and we bought Chinese food. I walk into the room and there are rose petals everywhere and Hershey’s Kisses. I look over on his bed and there was a layout of rose petals that looks like a runway, which I thought was kind of weird. After dinner we were getting ready to watch a movie and cuddle up, when he offered to give me a massage. So I guess that’s what the runway was for. I lay down and he gets up to grab something and comes back. All of a sudden, all I hear is ‘glop’ and then a cold sensation down my back. It was Winter Candy Apple Bath and Body Works lotion and it smelled like nonsense. After awhile I think, ‘Thank God that’s the end of it,” then I hear another ‘glop.’

“Later that night I ended up getting really sick in their sink, which clogged it. So the whole night I was getting violently sick and catching whiffs of Winter Candy Apple. I will never be able to smell (that scent) again.”

Chelsea Masselli, junior fashion merchandising

“I went on a date with this guy who was a little older than me. We went out to dinner and then watched a movie at his house. He was very irritating to me the entire time anyway, but when he was driving me home, he kept looking out of the window. He looked like he was trying to spot something, so I asked him what he was doing. He said he was looking for UFOs and Bigfoot. He definitely believed in him, and he kept slamming on his breaks the whole way back, looking for Bigfoot. That was the first and last date of that kind.”

Cody Hays, junior English major

“Last spring, this girl and I went on a date. We went to dinner and then to see a production of ‘Twelfth Night’ at a theater. Dinner went all right and we went to the play, and it was sold out since it was opening night. The only other option we had theatrically was the opera, which was actually free, so that was good, too. The issue came when my date’s ex-boyfriend was there with some other people she knew. So not only did I have to sit through the whole production with her and her ex-boyfriend, after opera they were making plans to go out later together. I ended up leaving by myself.”

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