Enrollment increase leads to more students in some dorm rooms

Samantha Worgull

Five dorms to offer triples next semester.

With an 11.6 percent increase in enrollment and the two-year rule of living on campus, the halls were eventually going to get overcrowded.

Even a resident assistant, Sarah Papcun, who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in arts and sciences this past fall, had to share her room last semester in Wright Hall.

“I think that there are things that need to happen within the Department of Residence Services as well as on-campus to make the problem of overcrowding in the halls fixable,” Papcun said.

Residence Services addressed Papcun’s concerns when students like her participated in a large-scale survey last fall. The question they focused on was whether students would be willing to pay a reduced price to live in a triple room and share a private bath.

The results: more than 50 percent responded that they would be interested in the triples.

So in Fall 2010, residence services will be offering 150 triples in Stopher/Johnson and Centennial Court D, E and F.

“This was the specific question that heavily influenced the decision to offer three person rooms with private bath for the upcoming academic year,” David Taylor, senior assistant director of resident services, said.

Students also received an informational e-mail Jan. 30 explaining the 2010/2011 Residence Hall Contract Renewal process and the changes being made to the dorms, David said.

Starting Feb. 1 at 8 a.m., students were able to renew their contract and choose the “same room/same hall” option if they paid a $200 housing pre-payment.

The “same room/same hall” option was not available for all. Students living in Korb Hall this spring will not be able to request the same room. Next fall, Korb Hall will house freshmen in double occupancy rooms and be a part of the First Year Experience Program.

Also next fall, Centennial Court B will be for College of Health and Human Services students only.

According to Residence Services, students currently living in these rooms will be prioritized in choosing their new room, provided they paid the $200 housing pre-payment while renewing their contract.

Those students choosing to move to a new hall were given a date and time that they would be allowed to sign up for a room.

Room selection will be based on class standings, starting with graduates and seniors. Sophomores and freshmen will be prioritized based on when they turned in their housing applications.

With Kent State’s active house council program in the halls, as well as the larger umbrella organization of Kent Interhall Council, occupancy demands are expected to be met.

“We invest a significant amount of money into our facilities to try to add extra value to the on-campus experience,” Taylor said. “We are striving to create an inclusive community that becomes more than simply a place to sleep at night.”

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